Aerospace Systems

American Panel Corporation provides AMLCDs for some of the world’s most prestigious cockpits including nearly every U.S. tactical military aircraft and many commercial passenger and transport aircraft. APC’s displays help cockpit integrators maximize the benefits of a glass cockpit by customizing the viewing cone, operating in extreme environments, and providing unique aspect ratios.

Land Systems

American Panel Corporation manufactures displays for the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, the M1126 Stryker and the M2A3/M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. APC offers a 10 year availability guarantee for all standard and custom products, including those for ground applications.

Maritime & C4ISR Systems

Maritime System display requirements used in open weather cockpit environments, by their nature have requirements which incorporate vibration and shock resistance as well as salt-fog weatherproof protection. C4ISR display systems, especially those which require bright sunlight readability up to 3000 nits and need to operate in all weather extreme conditions are also a core competency within APC. APC has extensive experience across many sizes in mitigating the effect of outdoor weather effects in sizes from 3” up to 84” diagonal.