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Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering

Optical engineering forms the core of the design effort at APC.  Our engineers work directly with both the customer, our partner LG, and LED makers if need be, to develop the best optical performance to meet the customer requirements.  In this process, the engineers discuss requirements for viewing angles, contrast ratios, reflectance, chromaticity, luminance and light mitigation.  Trade-offs are presented and a consensus decision is made that results in the best case design scenario for the customer. Special areas of expertise include:

  • Reflection.
  • Sunlight readability.
  • Light Management
    • Leakage
    • Reflection
  • Simulation and Design
    • Chromaticity
    • Luminance and radiance

Non-Optimized LED Spectrum

A common example of a problem optical engineering would work with the customer to resolve is how to achieve a particular desired white point given the APC standard product color filter spectrum.

Stock LCD color filter spectrum overlayed with stock white led color spectrum.

White point shifted towards the ‘lime’ direction.

Optimized LED Spectrum

Stock LCD color filter spectrum overlayed with ‘tuned’ white led color spectrum. The change to the LED spectrum is mild but results in much better white chromaticity.  Underscores the need get the LED spectrum almost perfect.

White point is more ‘pure’ and close to the black body locus and has increased color saturation.  With RGB backlights, even more tailoring of the chrominance is possible.