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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

The systems engineers will work closely with the Customer throughout all phases of product development. They will ensure all requirements are defined, implemented, and verified.  This includes any derived or safety related requirements that may affect the higher-level system.

With more and more customers requiring RTCA/DO-254 design assurance, Engineering’s standard development process was created in accordance with the guidance found in these governing documents to ensure a compliant development.

The APC Development Process is a structured, multi-phased approach:

  • Phase 0 – Business Development (procurement specs & compliance matrix)
  • Phase 1 – Planning & Conceptual Design (development plans)
  • Phase 2 – Design (requirements capture, preliminary & detailed design)
  • Phase 3 – Verification & validation (simulation, debug, & testing)
  • Phase 4 – Development Closure (conformity review)