American Panel Corporation (APC) offers Next Generation Large Area Display (LAD)


1 SEPT 2016

American Panel Corporation (APC), the premier supplier of display products for military applications, today announced the availability of the Next Generation 21.5” Large Area Display (LAD). As the OEM supplier of the first dual redundant display, APC has an extensive intellectual property portfolio covering display redundancy.

The next generation 8 by 20 inch product was launched in 2014 and incorporates such improvements as higher saturation color filters and 10 bit color depth affording 1024 gray shades. This multi-patented technology advances the state of the art in fully redundant display technology, offering independent power and video paths for each of the two displays, residing on a single Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) substrate. There is no gap down the center of the display. This key attribute allows a single continuous image to be displayed across the full 20 inch width of the AMLCD as well as allowing
separate windows of information to be moved from one side to another without a non illuminated portion of display in between display halves.

The APC DHA incorporates a separate day mode/night mode backlight to provide stunning day mode chromaticity while also able to operate with NVIS goggles in night mode. This backlight architecture minimizes power required for day mode operation as well.

APC also offers a proprietary redundant resistive touch panel that can be laminated to the front surface of the AMLCD. The touch panel architecture implements a dual channel controller, accounting for the potential of one touch panel element failure, to ensure the touch panel is still fully functional. APC assures gloved hand touchscreen operation is possible, while also maintaining sunlight readability and reducing EMI emissions through use of resistive technology.

The APC model 2150 is offered in several flexible configurations, ranging from an AMLCD with driver cards attached to a full display head assembly (DHA) that meets both tactical fighter as well as rotary wing environmental requirements.

“Nearly all military tactical fast jet cockpits in the US, and many worldwide, include APC displays, as do multiple helicopters, armored vehicles and tanks,” said Jamie Boulet, Manager of Business Development for APC. “APC has developed the leading redundant avionics display head solution for 5th generation aircraft as well as 4th generation aircraft requiring upgraded display architecture. This upgraded 2150 DHA offers an exceptional improvement in technology and well proven redundant architecture to the F-35, which APC has supported since first flight.”

In order to meet all optical and video performance requirements under demanding environmental conditions, APC continues to be progressive with its material and design choices. Combining these technologies together yields the most advanced, fully functioning display to enhance situational awareness and precision, and reduce risk in all situations while reducing weight, power, and cost.

For further information, please contact Jamie Boulet, 001-470-336-0465;