American Panel Corporation is Attending the 2018 Eurosatory


American Panel Corporation (APC) is attending Eurosatory 2018, in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, in Hall 5, Booth #DC500 within the US Pavilion.

APC will be exhibiting both bespoke NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) compliant Display Head Assemblies for Armoured Combat Vehicles (ACV), incorporating native 10 bit driver technologies (30 bit RGB now commonly found in 4K commercial televisions) offering optimum alignment to 3rd generation Infrared (IR) sensors.  APC will also demonstrate the Large Area Display (LAD), with dual displays and redundant video and power circuits, incorporated on a single Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) substrate. The LAD offers redundant displays for the cockpit, allowing our customers to maximize the usable display area by utilizing a single large format AMLCD rather than multiple smaller displays in the cockpit. APC’s technology saves weight, power and cost while increasing the active image area available for presentation of critical mission information. The entire instrument panel surface can be available for display of information, rather than smaller individual discrete displays without giving up system redundancy. This technology has already been fielded in our 8 inch by 20 inch display currently flying on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  APC’s next generation 10 inch by 19 inch product, the world’s largest single substrate cockpit display, will be used in future F-15 and F-18 cockpits. These technologies further enhance APC’s position in the arena of specialized displays for extreme environments.

APC offers its’ extreme performance displays, currently in use on M1A2 Abrams MBT, M1126 Stryker APC and M2/3 Bradley IFV. APC further continues its’ long-standing reputation as a leading edge technology display manufacturer, offering custom displays for the extreme operating conditions and performance requirements of both tactical military and commercial aviation. Among the APC displays in current use are those also found on the Eurofighter EFA 1000, JAS-39 Gripen, F22, F18, F16, V-22, C17, C130 and many commercial Boeing, and Airbus commercial aircraft.

For additional information on APC Products, please contact Jamie Boulet at or 470-336-0465.